The Cuckmere Estuary Pathfinder Project

The meanders of the Cuckmere Estuary and the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters together form one of the most recognised features of South East England. The landscape of the Cuckmere will change over time, although no-one can predict exactly when or how. 

The purpose of the Cuckmere Pathfinder Project is for East Sussex County Council to work together with the local community to reach consensus on how best to manage change at the Cuckmere Estuary.

Latest news

4/9/2013 - Current progress: Cuckmere task and finish group update May 2013

10/4/2013 - Minutes from the Post Pathfinder meetings (6/3/2012, 1/3/2013)

27/2/2012 - Minutes from the Post Pathfinder meetings (26/7/2011, 6/10/2011, 25/11/2011)

3/10/2011 - Coastal Change Pathfinder: The Cuckmere Estuary Project Report has been published. Read the final project report submitted to DEFRA.

18/6/2011 - Newsletter published - read all the latest news including the successful Celebrate Cuckmere exhibition and the results of the 7 June meeting in issue 5 of the project newsletter.

30/6/2011 - Report of decision-making meeting published - on 7 June members of the community agreed a preferred approach to managing flood risk at the Cuckmere Estuary: to seek to maintain the defences for now, while exploring reactivating and restoring the meanders over the longer-term. The report of the meeting is now available, as well as a  press release about the decision.

6/6/2011 - Animations showing future scenarios published - as part of the modelling work for this project, animated fly throughs have been produced showing how the Cuckmere might look in the short, medium and long term under different options.